I am an illustrator, I work under my alias ‘loesdier’. I create my ‘loesdieren’ through drawing, painting and graphic techniques. It’s not that I always draw real people, nor do I always draw animals, it’s more or less a combination of the two. That is where the name ‘loesdier’ derives from. Loes, my surname, and ‘dier’, meaning animal in Dutch. I draw little personas in my lineair black and white style. Sometimes a pop of colour. These personas often have fat little bellies, sad eyes and weird teeth. I then add an extra layer to my work through dry needle etching, on PVC or Tetra, or through GIFS, murals, windowdrawings and installations. I like to communicate with the viewer, wether it is through the drawings on their own or with the adding of little words or sentences. I love putting in a little layer of humor, even if the only person laughing is me. 
I'm open for assignments, questions, workshops or collaborations.